Image Licensing

This website was built solely with original graphic work from the designers at

The following images used in the Flash Header were licensed from the Hemera Bizart Collection for use in this website only.

Examples of licensed images are located below in 'thumbnail' view.

flash/flash-image1.jpg   flash/flash-image2.jpg
flash/flash-image3.jpg   flash/flash-image4.jpg


This template uses the FlashObject (v1.3) Flash detection and embed script provided by Geoff Stearns at This script detects whether or not the user has the Flash player, and if it does, it loads in the Flash movie for them to view. If they don't have the Flash player, it displays your alternate content. The alternate content is what you see in your web editor (a static image or text).

The FlashObject script also resolves the IE update issue where embedded Flash movies require an extra click for interaction; using the script will allow viewers to interact with the Flash movie directly. The FlashObject script also allows your web site to have fully validated HTML.

Please be aware that the script may be updated occasionally, and it is your responsibility to visit the FlashObject site to check for updates and implement them.