About Us

RFID-RNET Resource Network
RFID-RNET is a National Resource Network with the strategic objective to generate projects based on RFID technology with direct business involvement. The Resource Network aims at defining the RFID technology and development research challenges at the national level in the view of global development.

The RFID-RNET brings together the fragmented community that exists in Norway today in the field of RFID technology, thus underpinning the basic multidisciplinary science. The rationale for RFID-RNET is to address the large potential for RFID-based capabilities in Norway. Smart RFID systems are expected to be strategically important in Norway particularly in the following main areas:
Retail (dynamic pricing/product information Near Field Communication (NFC)), reduce out of stock and shrinkage, improve logistics, warranty management, manage returns and repairs
Logistics/asset management, fleet management/warehousing/shipping information etc
Reduce Supply Chain in-efficiencies
E-Ticketing /toll roads
Food safety (Track and trace)
Oil & gas
ePayment/event management/arena management
Forestry, paper
Waste management, recycling
Security and privacy
HR/Personnel safety in harsh environments

The RFID-RNET will address the strategic research and innovation from a three-axis perspective:
The first axis will consider the main three elements of RFID solutions, namely RFID technology, RFID Applications and Services, and RFID integration with back-end systems.
The second axis will consider the specific industrial sectors.
The third axis considers the priorities for university, research and industrial sectors.

The network will focus on three key areas:
Integrating existing research and development programmes. Scientific research excellence and innovation
Developing roadmaps for the critical application areas
Dissemination of knowledge/information related to RFID projects, activities, research and development
Networking activities i.e. degree of integration and commitment to RFID-RNET resource network vision

The outcome of the RFID-RNET will be:
Focused and shared research,
Structured knowledge,
Extended education and training,
Networking of partners,
Innovation and exploitation in selected areas
Project proposals together with Norwegian business, research and industry partners

The RFID-RNET consists today of a total of 22 organisations, with a balanced mix of universities, research institutes, industry and public sector. The organisations are represented in different regions of Norway. The RFID-RNET will closely cooperate with other national and international organisations focusing on RFID technology. There will be close cooperation and representation with national, European and global standardisation bodies..