IntelliSense RFID Workshop Program




Session: RFID Technology

European research on RFID O. Vermesan, SINTEF, Norway.


Antennas for RFID Applications M. Hirvonen, VTT, Finland.


MEMS/Micro sensors for RFID Applications A. Krozer, IMEGO, Sweden.



Session: RFID Applications

RFID logistics in operation, today – and in the future L. Åhlström, RFIG Sweden AB


RFID in the Food Chain: From Farm to Plate - Tracking through the food chain Geir Vevle, Nortura, Norway



Coffee/Te Break


Session: Industry perspective on RFID

Mobile Communication and Ubiquitous Society S. Iraji, Nokia, Finland

RFID: Enabling Business Transformation with a Positive ROI S. Taylor IBM, Norway

Panel: The promise of RFID and the real life realities

Panellists: S. Iraji, Nokia, Finland, S. Taylor IBM, Norway

Moderator: Arne Oja, VTT, Finland


Lunch Break


Session: RFID and Sensor Integration

IntelliSense RFID - Platform with Sensing Capabilities O. Vermesan, SINTEF, Norway


Intelligent Data Acquisition F. Wehus, WTEK, Norway



Session: RFID Integration

The Path to scalable performance in RFID Networks: From ETSI Regulations to EB Identification Network, Olli Airaksinen, Wireless Sensor Solutions, EB, Finland


Time-temperature monitoring and management in the supply chain E. Wehtje,
Bioett AB, Sweden.



Coffee/Te Break


Panel discussion - Internet of Things, Towards a road map for apply RFID technology.

Panellists: Olli Airaksinen, EB, Finland, Finland, E. Wehtje, Bioett AB, Sweden, S. Iraji, Nokia, Finland, S. Taylor IBM, Norway

Moderator: P. Enoksson, Chalmers University, Sweden

Conclusions and wrap-up