RFID-RNET Resource Network Objectives

The strategic aim of RFID-RNET is to provide a national arena for generating research and innovation activities, and projects related to RFID technologies with the participation of companies representing industry, trade, services, research, academia and the public sector.

The network’s role is to guide and advise the companies and the research activities in the international prospective and create the basis for cooperation and generation of new project activities and innovation within the area of RFID technologies.

The RFID-RNET focuses on identifying the main research needs at the national level based on the requirements of the Norwegian industry, public sector, and the research and academic communities.

lThe RFID-RNET aims to help local industries, especially small and medium enterprises (SMEs), develop and/or adopt RFID technology for business growth and sustainability.

RFID-RNET cooperates with the international end user communities.

The network will act as a strategic partner to the Research Council of Norway ICT programmes.