Conferences and Workshops

Internet of Things International Workshop - RFID and the Internet of Things - Are you ready?, 10-11 May 2010, Oslo, Norway 

The Future Internet International Workshop - Internet of Things-Internet of Services-Internet of Media, 10-11 September 2009, Oslo, Norway 

RFID Resource Network Workshop - RFID, trådløse teknologier og sensorer i helsesektoren, 24 October 2008, Oslo, Norway (in Norwegian) 

RFID Resource Network Workshop - RFID og trådløse teknologier for transportbransjen, 30 April 2008, Oslo, Norway 

RFID Resource Network Seminar - Sikkerhet og Personvern, 15 April 2008, Oslo, Norway (in Norwegian)

RFID Resource Network Workshop, 12 March 2008, Oslo, Norway (in Norwegian)

RFID Technology from Sensing to Interacting IntelliSense RFID Workshop, 28 November 2007, Oslo, Norway

On RFID: The Next Step to the Internet of Things Conference,  15-16 November 2007, Lisbon, Portugal 

RFID Resource Network Workshop, 19 October 2007, Trondheim, Norway (in Norwegian)

RFID Networking Forum,  20-21 June, 2007, London, UK.